Distributor is authorized to promote, sell, and deliver Products in his territory. You can build a profitable business without expensive overhead, inventory or special equipment. We do it all for you, including custom jobs, from estimates through production.

Distributor can appoint Retailers under them. Revenue generated in two ways, activation charge and business turnover.  When a new retailer is appointed, the company will share activation charge with distributor. Also, for every business done by the retailer, the distributor will get a small percentage – a lifetime income.  


Ecpay Retailer can offer all the products and services available in the package to its customers. With a single balance ewallet, the retailer can do multiple business and earn good profit.

Ecpay is keep on adding its products and number of services so that its business partners can generate more income.

White Label Master Portal

If you are serious about your business, you can invest and build your own brand, white label suit for you. Without a huge investment and wastage of time you can start your own business with our readymade solution.

Authority to appoint Distributors and Retailers under the brand name and  to share your own deals and margin. Ecpay will manage and maintain the technical aspects while you are busy developing your business network.


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